Apart of me

My covering,

Jewelry and perfume adds on to the sweet and silky look of me.
It’s what covers the body of me.
He sees he sees and he wonders of the deep treasures of the insides of me.
It is such a discovery and worth the journey.
The oils displays the intensity.
I thrive because My God my savior says there so much more to me.
Eyes of him are the only who get the pleasure to look at me.
Lucky him and he stares.
He eats he fuels he becomes.
Now we are both undone.
We must keep swimming in each others rivers as age brings wisdom.
My body is covered in so much ecstasy.
So much so he counts the time down under God until I come,
Is this freedom?
A place of fantasy and what’s meant to be.
Either way it goes I will live a life full of satisfactory.
This is my journey and he will be.
Ohh me.



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I’m crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s while I write my poetry.