Just a glimpse

listen to this,

The light that expresses the one.
God has never let that light come on for anyone.
Shifts started happening in my life and you we’re apart of all of them.
So much excitement I know I saw “that glow” radiating off you too.
It was way more than a new relationship type glow.
It was more like a new pregnancy or newly engaged type glow.
Because there was a spark that already said that we were meant to be.
That’s why meeting was so simple as we smoked some weed.

Who’d thought it be, when they said “the best things in life are free”.
As I saw God’s grace continuing to ease.
We prepped and prepared for our great freedom.
This was a completely changed life, as we started to harvest for the season.
New and simple us two.
You raise me I raise you.
There were enough could’s and would’s to go around.
But neither one of us could figure out who was really making the other one truly smile.
Because it was too good and too quick for us both to experience at the same time.
And time was the only thing on my side.
As you stopped raising me or because you raised me too fast.
I know it’s in me in me like never before.
It’s to see me now and that’s beyond the eyes.
You feel me?



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I’m crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s while I write my poetry.