No taste buds

Here’s the full course meal,

What’s it going to take?

I see her and she’s running out of sakes.

Running, running so close to falling almost hitting an unrecognizable face.

Even though all the faces you like look the same.

Ohh what a drought for you.

She got hit looking for “real” but found a tragedy, that no one would believe.

Who is she? About 3, 4 women. Why? Because he wasn’t the 1

What part of dark and lovely did he not understand?

1 woman said “now I know how to play the game”.

Another woman asked “how did I end up in this so deep”?

This 1 woman said “I learned so much now I’m ready to be the teacher”.

And then she said “It really was never me, whole time it was always you”.

They’re all experiencing it, so there’s no score to keep.

They’re all so special for God’s keep, but he needs lenses to see.

And lemonade to drink.

1 2 3 4 it’s like he never recognized it before.

But still she poured and she poured.

Now too many people are knocking at the door.

He’s not coming to save her because he doesn’t do that.

But, now this 5th woman is a saved hero, that dances to everyone of Drake’s song.

She knows everything, you see?

Wisdom is O so freeing.

She knows you have a flesh issue and that’s not deep enough for me.



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I’m crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s while I write my poetry.